Body Art Industry-  Infection Prevention Manual
Serving Body Artists in Butte County.... Regulation is here, are YOU ready??
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Are YOU Ready??? 

Where do YOU start?

Do you have your written

available for Butte County Inspectors??

Beginning July 1, 2012 the artists, owners and providers of services in the Body Art Industry of Butte County, California will begin MANDITORY regulation because of the SAFE BODY ART ACT AND AB300. 

You will need to show the inspector your Infection Prevention and Exposure Control (ECIPP) Handbook outlining the practices of your shop/facility. 


Our easy to follow manual will provide your facility with a fill-in-the-blank template to provide all of the required information you will need for your facility inspection!!!

Information to Properly Outline your
Infection Prevention Practices
Exposure Practices in the Event of a Needle Stick
Fill-In the Blank Format
Update When Needed
Required Forms & Logs
Hep B Declination Forms
and More....

 (a) A body art facility shall maintain and follow a written Infection Prevention and Control Plan, provided by the owner or established by the practitioners, specifying the procedures to achieve compliance with each applicable requirement of this chapter.

(b) The Infection Prevention and Control Plan shall include all of the following:

(1) Procedures for cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces.

(2) Procedures for cleaning, packaging, sterilizing, and storing reusable instruments.

(3) Procedures for protecting clean instruments and sterile instrument packs from exposure to dust and moisture during storage.

(4) A set up and tear down procedure for any form of body art performed at the body art facility.

(5) Techniques to prevent the contamination of instruments or the procedure site during the performance of body art.

(6) Procedures for safe handling and disposal of sharps waste.

(7) An inventory, including names, manufacturers, container size, and material safety data sheets, of all chemicals and disinfectants, and their intended use.

(c) The Infection Prevention and Control Plan shall be revised when any changes are made in infection prevention practices, procedures, or tasks.

(d) Training on the facility's Infection Prevention and Control Plan shall take place when tasks where occupational exposure may occur are initially assigned, any time there are changes in the procedures or tasks, and when new technology is adopted for use in the facility, but not less than once each year.

(e) Records of training required pursuant to this section shall be maintained for three years and shall be available for inspection upon request of the enforcement officer.

I can provide you and your facility with the necessary manual the Butte County Inspectors will need to see in order to be in Compliance with AB300 and to be able to Register your Body Art Facility to Operate within Butte County!

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